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Education Studies

254.101 An Introduction to Social and Cultural Studies in Education15 credits
A critical examination of social, cultural, political, historical and philosophical influences on the development of education in Aotearoa/New Zealand and internationally.
254.102 Introduction to Professional and Ethical Practice in Different Learning Contexts15 credits
An introduction to the practice of professionals working with learners with multicultural and diverse needs. Providing a theoretical overview of ethical and professional practice and observational experience of professionals in action.
254.103 Learning in the Digital Age15 credits
An introduction to the relationship between learning and digital technologies within formal, non-formal and informal settings. An emphasis is placed on the changing conceptions of literacy in the digital age.
254.162 Introduction to Literacy and Numeracy15 credits
An introduction to the development of specialised subject content and pedagogical content knowledge for teachers of literacy and numeracy in Aotearoa/New Zealand.
254.201 Philosophy of Education15 credits
This course explores the philosophical complexities of education in its personal, institutional and social dimensions. Students will be introduced to some of the major debates in philosophy of education and engage in the critical and continual practice of applying philosophy across the many contexts of education.
254.203 Sociologically Imagining Education15 credits
This course explores the sociology of education by critically inquiring into the relationship between personal experience, education and society. Students will be introduced to primary sociological concepts like race, class and gender to critically reflect on education.
254.210 Historical Perspectives on Education15 credits
An exploration of the ways New Zealand's current education institutions have been influenced by evolving philosophies of education, alongside key historical, sociological, ideological, political, and economic forces.
254.231 Curriculum Theory, Policy and Practice15 credits
An introduction through the skills of critical analysis to the politics of curriculum formation and implementation. A study of the historical basis of curriculum formation in Aotearoa/New Zealand, broad curriculum traditions, curriculum in relation to class, cultural, ethnic and gender differences and the move to education marketisation.
254.301 Philosophy of Education II15 credits
A philosophical study of teaching with a focus on the ethics of selected aspects of educational and classroom practice of concern to teachers, parents and students.
254.303 Advanced Sociology of Education15 credits
An analysis of the social processes that generate inequality in education.
254.304 Critical Theories of Education15 credits
Education as an everyday practice is the focus for critical theories of education. This course explores ways education has been theorized as a practice of liberation as well as a practice of oppression. Students will use these concepts to examine the role of education in shaping the social structure of Aotearoa New Zealand.
254.330 Philosophy for Children15 credits
An introduction to the history, theory and practices of encouraging children to think philosophically.
254.336 Learning in the Digital World15 credits
This course is an exploration of what it means to be a learner in digital social worlds.
254.337 Teaching and Learning with Pasifika Peoples in NZ15 credits
An examination of the educational experiences of Pasifika peoples in New Zealand in formal and informal settings both in the past and present with a focus on effective teaching and learning practices.
254.340 Politics of Education15 credits
This course considers the politics of education in Aotearoa New Zealand, using current social issues and education policy reforms to examine role of education in a democracy.
254.377 Teaching and Learning Languages up to Year 1015 credits
This course provides students with an overview of the theory and practice of teaching languages in New Zealand schools up to Year 10 level.
254.702 Facing Big Questions in Education30 credits
An interdisciplinary study of important questions around pedagogy, learning, curriculum and assessment, which challenge teachers in a variety of educational settings. The course will help teachers develop purposeful and practical connections between scholarly work and their own practice.
254.706 Advanced Studies in Curriculum Policy and Practice30 credits
A study of historical and contemporary curriculum from formation to practice. Changes in curriculum and assessment are examined in the light of local and global influences. Students apply theory and practice-based research to issues of knowledge, learning, teachers' work, students' experiences and school-based curricula.
254.744 Educational Issues Among Pacific Islands Peoples in New Zealand30 credits
A critical examination of current issues in education which affect Pacific Islands peoples in New Zealand. Students will consider the place of Pacific Islands peoples in New Zealand society and design strategies for meeting their educational needs within specified professional fields of interest.
254.765 Core Theory and Foundations of Specialist Teaching30 credits
Advanced study of generic core theory and foundations of specialist teaching common to professionals working in relevant areas.
254.773 Educational Policy Analysis30 credits
An analysis of selected policy issues, theories and methods in the analysis of educational policies.
254.774 Evaluation of Educational Organisations30 credits
A study of approaches used for evaluating educational institutions with emphasis on issues around school effectiveness and improvement including global influences of standardization and control, and ethical and culturally appropriate practices.
254.775 Management of Human Resources in Educational Organisations30 credits
A study of issues in and strategies for the effective management of personnel in educational organisations.

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