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Logistics and Supply Chain Management

240.260 Logistics and Supply Chain Fundamentals15 credits
A study of logistics and supply chain management fundamental concepts. The supply chain management paradigm that underpins modern business is fully explored with a specific focus on customer service, forecasting, process integration, relationship management, and performance measurement.
240.262 Transportation Systems15 credits
This course studies transportation systems with an emphasis on international intermodal transportation. The economic and operating characteristics of differing transportation systems will be examined, along with costs and regulations of transportation services and the role of information technology on transportation systems.
240.263 Logistics Operations15 credits
A study of the role and structure of integrated logistics systems, including performance measurement and the application of information technology. Fundamental operational trade-offs are explored in relation to inventory, warehousing and capacity utilisation.
240.362 Supply Chain Trends and Applications15 credits
A study of the impact of current industry trends on how businesses can engineer and operate their logistics and supply chains to create greater value for the organisation.
240.363 Supply Chain Integration30 credits
A study of the functioning of modern supply chains, their design, coordination, management and the crucial role of collaboration. Focus will be placed on inter-organisational integration and internal process alignment.
240.364 Purchasing and Supply Management15 credits
A study of the scope of purchasing and procurement and the principles, structures and key variables of supply management.
240.365 Demand Chain Management15 credits
A study of distribution management concepts and strategy together with an exploration of demand chains. Methods to align supply chain strategies with market drivers are examined. A range of distribution channel approaches are also discussed in regard to alternative customer demands.
240.366 Global Logistics15 credits
A study of international logistics and its role in modern supply chains. Focus will be placed on international trade routes and global partnerships. Both the strategic effects of international free-trade agreements and operational level import/export processes will be explored in relation to international logistical flows.
240.752 Integrated Logistics30 credits
Logistics is a foundation block within any successful business. Unless an organization can manage and coordinate in an integrated manner the movement of materials, information and cash through its business, and those of partner organisations, it is unlikely to outperform its competitors.
240.753 Supply Chain Analytics15 credits
Determining information required for management of the supply chain. Includes a systems dynamics view of production management, process improvement methodologies, supply chain measurements and analysis.


240.754 Supply Chain Optimisation15 credits
The use of tools to measure, optimise and assess the impact of alternative management and operational decisions on the supply chain. Includes linear programming, Theory of Constraints Replenishment solution, Quality Systems in supply chains and Project Management.

Logistics and Supply Chain Management

240.755 Executive Supply Chain Management30 credits
The operational disciplines of the successful organisation are responsible for developing and managing its response to market opportunities and supply chain management is the key to a successful response. This course looks at the role supply chain management has in supporting organisations to create value within supply nets, webs and chains through the relationships created downstream with customers and upstream with suppliers.
240.756 Value Chain Management15 credits
Value chains are explored through a supply chain operations management lens. Value chain networks are examined in the context of supply chain collaboration and coordination. The purpose is to provide students with the core principles of value creation and management, and to introduce them to supply chain analytical approaches to facilitate business decision making.
240.757 Logistics in Humanitarian Aid Projects15 credits
Students will analyse the logistics of humanitarian aid projects in zones of conflict and relief assistance in natural disaster areas, from rapid assessment missions to the management of international supply chains for humanitarian aid. Case studies of integrated logistics management procedures during historical and ongoing emergency operations, as well as future trends in humanitarian logistics will also be addressed.
240.758 Research Methods in Supply Chain Management30 credits
The process of scientific discovery will be explored through the discussion of alternative research methodologies. The primary role of the course is to prepare students to undertake research and to develop a research proposal. Particular emphasis is placed on conducting research on supply chains and quality systems. Students will become familiar with both positivist and interpretivist approaches to generating knowledge in this socio-technical context. During the course students will develop the skills to synthesise literature, design research processes and structure a research thesis.
240.887 Research Report60 credits
An empirical supply chain management research investigation. During this course students will develop intellectual independence by conducting supply chain research. Supervision will be provided to guide students, however, the responsibility for framing and conducting the investigation will be the student's alone. Students will develop the skills to articulate, analyse and evaluate their research findings.
240.888 Thesis90 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
240.895 Thesis 90 Credit Part 145 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
240.896 Thesis 90 Credit Part 245 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
240.897 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
240.898 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work
240.899 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
240.900 PhD Logistics and Supply Chain Management120 credits

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