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152.133 Sport Facility Management15 credits
An introduction to the management and administrative aspects of sport facilities.
152.203 Business and Society15 credits
A study of the interplay of business and society in the context of business development and contemporary business practice.
152.230 Entrepreneurship15 credits
An introduction to entrepreneurship and its application to new ventures as well as to existing small businesses.
152.232 Small Business Management15 credits
This course develops competencies relevant to operating small and medium sized enterprises. The focus is on critical skills, ethical awareness and the concepts needed by today's small business owners, and introduces specialist topics in enterprise development.
152.233 Fundamentals of Entrepreneurship and Innovation15 credits
This introductory course develops understanding of the key concepts in entrepreneurship and innovation.
152.234 Business Model Innovation15 credits
Describe the importance of context and value creation when designing and validating business models.
152.236 Sport Business15 credits
This course explores the theories, concepts and practices relating to strategic management, governance, organisational behaviour, and human resource management in sport organisations.
152.237 Sport Event Management15 credits
This course examines specific management aspects of sport events.
152.238 Professional Development for the Sport Industry15 credits
A preparation for the Sport Practicum through field experience and critical reflection.
152.250 Managing Organisations15 credits
An analysis of the management of organisations emphasising themes relating to people, process and structure.
152.252 Project Management15 credits
An introduction to the theory and methods employed in project management.
152.261 International Business15 credits
A study of business and management from an international perspective. An introduction to the conduct of business in the global environment utilising different forms of enterprise including e-business, direct trade relations, and foreign direct investment in the context of rapid economic change. These are examined in the context of regionalism and globalism.
152.264 International Supply Chain Management15 credits
An introduction to the applied aspects of supply chain management in international business.
152.270 Māori Management15 credits
Māori Management is designed for people who have a responsibility for undertaking management activities related to Māori business development and commercial activities. It examines the history and structure of Māori organisations, contemporary management structures and the impact of associated government policies and legislation.
152.304 Managing Services15 credits
Examines theories and issues relating to the place of services in the economy.
152.325 Designing and Developing Organisations15 credits
A theoretical and practical introduction to organisational designs and development processes.
152.330 Enterprise Development15 credits
An examination of issues relating to entrepreneurship and management in the start-up, survival and development of enterprises. Emphasis is placed on the use of the case study approach from the perspective of the manager or consultant.
152.331 Scaling and Growth15 credits
Develops understanding of key areas that are critical for the sustainable growth of an organisation, by exploring the key challenges of scaling and growth.
152.333 New Venture Project15 credits
This course studies the process of initiating and managing a new venture. The course includes opportunity identification and assessment processes for new ventures; comprehensive business planning including data collection and analysis; strategy formulation and results forecasting; integration of concepts and techniques relevant to new ventures. Integrated plans for launching new products and services by existing businesses are also considered.
152.336 Leadership Practice15 credits
A critical analysis of the theory and practice of leadership relevant to public and private organisations and the development of ethical leadership and citizenship in a variety of socio-cultural contexts.
152.337 New Venture Development15 credits
A project based course in which students explore and develop a value-creation project in relation to a specific context of their choice.
152.338 Cultural Perspectives on Entrepreneurship15 credits
An examination of interconnections between entrepreneurship, culture and diversity, including social identities such as gender, ethnicity and indigeneity, age, religion, and sexual identity. Students will consider how these aspects shape entrepreneurial thinking and practice, with particular emphasis on the experiences of Māori in Aotearoa NZ.
152.350 Strategic Management and Governance15 credits
An examination of strategic management concepts, the tools and techniques of strategic analysis, and issues associated with governance including business ethics.
152.355 Sustainability Issues, Challenges and Responses15 credits
An examination of sustainability issues and challenges, how they relate to the business community, and the implications of sustainability for business policy and management.
152.366 Operational Management of International Business15 credits
Managing the operational effectiveness of the enterprise conducting business in international markets including international supply chain, quality, and distribution management.
152.370 Te Whanaketanga o te Pakihi Māori - Advanced Māori Business Development and Management15 credits
An examination of the interface between customary and contemporary management practices focusing on the management of Māori resources and the development of Māori enterprise.
152.381 Action Learning Management Practicum15 credits
Students will develop leadership, task management and team-building skills within an experiential learning framework. The course integrates outdoor 'adventure' activities with selected aspects of contemporary management theory. Students play an integral part in the design and execution of the course. The course integrates the assessment of risk and the management of safety and ecological care with programme activities.
152.386 Risk Management I15 credits
An overview of the principles and practice associated with risk identification, analysis and assessment.
152.387 Risk Management II15 credits
A detailed examination and critique of risk control methods.
152.399 Integrative Management15 credits
A collaborative capstone course that requires students to demonstrate the ability to apply theory and practice to complex organisational problems.
152.700 Organisation and Management30 credits
A study of the theories of management and their application within organisations.
152.701 Advanced Management30 credits
A study of selected dimensions of advanced management practice. Areas to be covered include organisational analysis and associated approaches to management and organisational performance.
152.702 Advanced Strategic Management30 credits
An advanced study of the systems and techniques of strategic planning, policy formulation and implementation.
152.704 Business and Sustainability30 credits
An analysis of the relationships between the business community, the natural environment, and social and environmental sustainability. The course examines global debates on social and environmental issues, introduces theories of sustainability, and considers the implications of sustainability for business policy and management.
152.705 Advanced Change Management30 credits
An advanced study of models, management processes and research on implementing, monitoring and evaluating organisational changes.
152.707 Leading and Changing Organisations30 credits
A study of the practices, methods and frameworks for leading and changing organisations.
152.709 Leadership30 credits
A critical study of leadership theory and practice, with an emphasis upon contemporary perspectives. This course provides the opportunity for critical reflection and analysis of leadership and is relevant to understandings of leadership in any organisation.
152.724 Advanced Services Management30 credits
Focusing on the theory and principles of services management, this course critically reviews current services management research and analyses the issues for managers in adopting a service logic for their organisations.
152.725 Building Export and Import Businesses30 credits
Focuses on the first stage of international expansion by providing an introduction to the knowledge and skills required for managing import and export businesses and conducting international trade.
152.726 Growing Multinational Enterprises30 credits
Focuses on strategies and implementation challenges of foreign direct investment projects.
152.727 Managing Multinational Enterprises30 credits
An examination of management challenges commonly faced by firms that have already expanded internationally, addressing four different levels of internal organisational analysis: the individual, the cross-cultural project team, organisational units such as subsidiaries, and the relationship between the multinational organisation and its host country societies.
152.728 Corporate Citizenship and Responsibility30 credits
An advanced critique of the concepts of corporate social responsibility (CSR), business ethics, stakeholder management, and their implications for the management of business organisations.
152.730 Advanced Contemporary Issues in Sustainability30 credits
Students will critique the business case for sustainability and develop holistic sustainability strategies to address contemporary economic, ethical, environmental, and social concerns for business, including those relating to sustainable supply chain management, sustainable operations management, the UN Sustainable Development Goals, and ethical trade.
152.731 Innovation and New Ventures30 credits
A study of the theory and practice of innovation with special reference to the small business sector. The course will examine the dimensions of innovation and entrepreneurship with emphasis on the entrepreneur's contribution to existing organisations and new ventures.
152.732 Issues in Entrepreneurship30 credits
An advanced study of entrepreneurship including the analysis of trends and issues relating to the entrepreneurial process. A range of topics are offered to allow some customisation of the course to the particular educational and research interests of students.
152.740 Public Sector Administration30 credits
An examination of the processes, theories and practices of management in the public sector including the environment in which such organisations operate.
152.742 Health Systems Management30 credits
The health care systems of New Zealand and selected nations are compared and critically analysed from a management perspective.


152.743 Health Law and Policy30 credits
The interrelationship between health law and health policy is examined with an emphasis on practical health care dilemmas.


152.746 Contemporary Issues in Health Service Management30 credits
Issues relevant to the efficient and effective delivery of health services are identified and examined.
152.747 Local Governance: Context, Structure and Finance30 credits
An examination of the attributes of public administration and finance, specifically addressing the concerns of local government. These attributes include: the historic position of local government, the scope, scale and role of local government in society, and the funding regime underpinning local government in New Zealand.
152.752 Project Management30 credits
A comprehensive study of the theory and methods employed in project management.
152.757 Critical Management Studies30 credits
This course questions contemporary views of management and organisations. It is grounded in critical, postmodern approaches to management studies that provide support for challenges to the grand narratives that dominate established theories.
152.762 The International Business Environment30 credits
An advanced study of contemporary issues relating to the international business environment. Issues to be examined include the development of free trade association; the business opportunities and threats posed by economic development; changing security issues; the emergence of Japanese and European economic spheres of influence; and the gradual reorientation of the Australian and New Zealand economies.
152.768 Managing Knowledge30 credits
An advanced exploration of the challenges of managing knowledge and knowledge work, for the purpose of producing more effective managers and team members in knowledge-intensive work environments. The role of computerized "knowledge management" systems, and the relationship between people and technology which constitute special challenges to managing in such environments will be considered.
152.771 Management in Organisations15 credits
The application of modern management in business organisations.
152.781 Advanced Research Methods in Business30 credits
Research approaches to management and organisation theory. Includes reading and designing research in these areas up to the preparation of research proposals.
152.786 Research Report60 credits
152.787 Thesis90 credits
152.800 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
152.801 Thesis90 credits
An original piece of work that focuses on a significant issue in the Management discipline. Candidates will demonstrate an ability to formulate research questions and clearly answer them through the effective design of an investigation and the presentation of the research findings in a manner that is acceptable in the academic community.
152.802 Thesis 90 Credit Part 145 credits
An original piece of work that focuses on a significant issue in the Management discipline. Candidates will demonstrate an ability to formulate research questions and clearly answer them through the effective design of an investigation and the presentation of the research findings in a manner that is acceptable in the academic community.
152.803 Thesis 90 Credit Part 245 credits
An original piece of work that focuses on a significant issue in the Management discipline. Candidates will demonstrate an ability to formulate research questions and clearly answer them through the effective design of an investigation and the presentation of the research findings in a manner that is acceptable in the academic community.
152.804 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
152.805 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
152.894 Professional Practice60 credits
Candidates will undertake a professional action investigation within the subject area in which the Master of Management is being completed. Investigations may be conducted either individually or in groups and assessment of the outcome of the investigation may be in a variety of ways including written and oral presentations.
152.896 Research Report60 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
152.900 PhD Management120 credits

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