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139.104 Drama in Performance15 credits
An exploration of three plays in performance. Students will study theories and conventions of performance and will participate in theatrical presentations. No previous experience of theatre is required.
139.109 Prize-Winning Fiction15 credits
A study of short stories, novellas and novels from the last 50 years emphasising the varieties of award-winning fiction.
139.123 Creative Writing I15 credits
An exploration of the processes involved in writing poetry and short stories. Students learn the fundamental elements of craft, such as metaphor, structure and plot, through the close reading of published poetry and fiction, through their own practice as creative writers, and through providing and receiving workshop feedback.
139.133 Creative Communication15 credits
An introduction to the dynamics involved in creative communication. Students explore creative communication through work in, and analysis of, three creative forms: creative writing, theatre and digital media production.
139.139 Introduction to English Studies15 credits
An introduction to the nature and functions of literary texts and the ways in which they are invested with meaning, with a focus on the skills necessary for reading and writing critically about them.
139.142 Imaginary Worlds: Science Fiction and Fantasy15 credits
An examination of selected science fiction and fantasy texts, emphasising their relationship to changing cultural contexts and the ways different storytelling media mould narratives.
139.202 Romantic Writing: Self and Nature15 credits
A study of the relationship between self and nature as explored in texts by British writers of the period 1780-1830.
139.209 Speaking: Theory and Practice15 credits
A study of the theoretical and practical aspects of public speaking. Attention will be paid to building a rapport with an audience, to the preparation of material for spoken delivery and to the technical elements of voice production.
139.211 Shakespeare15 credits
A study of selected dramatic works by William Shakespeare, taking a thematic overview across a variety of dramatic genres and considering the plays in their original contexts as well as significant contemporary interpretations.
139.220 Theatre for Change15 credits
An applied introduction to the varied ways in which theatre is used for social and personal change.
139.223 Creative Processes15 credits
An investigation of human creativity that involves the study of creative practice and the making of original works of performance, film and writing.
139.224 Making Plays for Theatre15 credits
Students will receive a grounding in the skills of writing and devising experimental theatre and an opportunity to employ these skills in the creation of original scripts.
139.225 Writing for Children15 credits
An exploration of creative writing for children through the critical and theoretical analysis of selected contemporary writing and through students' own production of original texts.
139.229 Writing Poetry15 credits
A creative writing course in which students develop and advance poetry skills within the major modes of lyric poetry and within the context of a more advanced engagement with fundamental elements of craft. In addition to reading poetry and critical essays on the genre, students will write original poetry and critically review their own work and the work of peers.
139.231 Health Writing: Theory and Practice15 credits
An introduction to the theory and practice of writing on health and illness. It includes intensive practice in composing for diverse health genres and publications and in analysing the ways consumers obtain and process information about health developments and controversies.
139.239 Literary Landmarks: Words that Changed the World15 credits
An introduction to methods of reading, thinking, and writing about literature from the past. Focussing on key texts from the Early Modern period to the twentieth century, the course establishes a critical framework for understanding literature's shaping of modernity through its engagement with philosophy, politics, and other domains of culture.
139.244 Writing for the Public15 credits
A course in writing non-fiction genres for the public, informed by a broad historical understanding of the emergence of the public sphere and its current reshaping in the digital age. Students apply rhetorical theory and theories of argument in their own writing and in analysing works by selected public intellectuals.
139.246 Text Image Design: Digital Technical Writing15 credits
The processes and practices of writing about specialised subjects for professional audiences, with a focus on the principles of usability and information design in relation to digital technical writing.
139.253 American Literature15 credits
An introduction to American literature, focusing on key novels, short stories and poems from the Romantic period through to the postmodern, and their relation to their historical and cultural contexts.
139.255 Critical Periods in Aotearoa New Zealand Literature15 credits
An introduction to New Zealand's literary history, focusing on important novels, short stories and poems in relation to their social and political contexts.
139.270 Young Adult Fiction15 credits
A study of young adult fiction and its reception. Focussing on classic and contemporary examples, the course explores the definition of the genre and its characteristic concerns, with a focus on case studies of popular and controversial texts.
139.275 Gothic15 credits
A study of the term 'Gothic' in literature and film, relating the enduring Gothic themes of fantasy, the unconscious and death to contemporary literary and social debates.
139.280 Creative Nonfiction: Creative Writing II 15 credits
An intermediate-level introduction to the craft of nonfiction writing in a variety of genres, with a particular focus on the application of techniques usually associated with fiction and poetry to nonfiction material.
139.285 Fiction Writing15 credits
An intermediate-level study of the craft of fiction, investigating a range of forms by means of creative production, workshopping and peer review.
139.301 Shakespeare's Worlds15 credits
An advanced study of selected dramatic works by William Shakespeare. The course explores the world his works engaged with and their influence on our own world, taking a thematic overview across a variety of genres and considering the plays in their original contexts as well as significant contemporary interpretations.
139.303 Modern Drama15 credits
A study of innovative modern plays, by means of investigative workshops, theatrical performances, lecture/demonstrations and seminar presentations.
139.305 Twentieth Century Literature15 credits
A study of a variety of twentieth-century fiction and poetry. Emphasis will be given to aspects of literary modernism and postmodernism in order to contextualise the literary works.
139.306 Writing Shakespeare's England15 credits
An advanced exploration of the Early Modern poetry and drama of Shakespeare's contemporaries, focusing on key themes, prominent genres, and the differing contexts of the royal court and the new world of the empowered citizen.
139.307 Territory, Modernity, and Victorian Literature15 credits
An advanced introduction to Victorian literature, highlighting the engagement by nineteenth century writers with questions of liberalism, democratisation, and the expansion of the British empire.
139.320 Theatre in Production15 credits
This course studies theatre as an expressive art, with a focus on processes of adaptation, particularly the creation of new texts from old. It combines critical and practical research, including the presentation of a developed stage work, to examine how design, music and acting generate meaning in the performance of a text.
139.323 Script Writing15 credits
An in-depth study of the skills, formats, technique and terminology of professional script writing, with emphasis on the adaptation of traditional approaches across the diversity of contemporary media.
139.326 Travel Writing15 credits
A study of travel writing, involving both critical and ideological analysis and creative writing developed from the students' own field work.
139.329 Advanced Fiction Writing15 credits
An exploration of the poetics and politics of experimentation and subversion in contemporary fiction and metafiction including analysis of the work (both creative and critical) of major practitioners, theorists and original student compositions.
139.333 Creativity in the Community15 credits
The course provides an applied service learning project in the disciplines of expressive arts and media studies. Working collaboratively, students apply skills in theatre, performance, film-making, creative writing, media practice or mixed media to developing a creative response to a social issue or community need.
139.340 The Publishing Project15 credits
In this course, students study and experience the principles, processes and practice of publishing, through the co-production of an online publication. Key concepts include teamwork, co-production, theme selection, peer review, production scheduling, source selection, and online publishing.
139.348 Literacy Studies15 credits
A course that explores theories of literacy and practices of textual production, in a variety of contexts: educational, technological, disciplinary, and civic. Students encounter key theoretical concerns in the academic field of writing studies and writing research, and use experimental, reflective, and theoretical writing to investigate their own and others' advanced literacies.
139.352 Postcolonial Literature15 credits
A study of recent writing in English from diverse cultures, paying special attention to the ways in which these address the consequences of European colonisation. Recent postcolonial theory will provide a frame for textual analysis.
139.362 Oceanic Literatures of Aotearoa: Ngā Tuhinga Kōrero o te Moana nui a Kiwa15 credits
A study of contemporary Oceanic (Māori and Pasifika) literature in English contextualised in relation to customary and pre-colonial Oceanic literatures, narratives, and storytelling methods.
139.374 Tragedy15 credits
A study of tragedy as an enduring cultural concept from Ancient Greece to the present. A selection of plays will be explored through textual analysis, production workshops and theatrical performance.
139.376 Sexual/Textual Politics15 credits
A study of patriarchal society and gender identity in selected literary texts.
139.380 Starting Your Manuscript: Creative Writing III 15 credits
An advanced study of the process of writing that consolidates knowledge of creative writing craft, expands understanding of genre, and analyses aesthetic and/or cultural aspects of published manuscripts across genres. The first portion of an envisioned full-length creative manuscript will be drafted with an emphasis on the critical evaluation of its aesthetic and/or cultural implications.
139.381 Advanced Studies in Creative Writing15 credits
An advanced study of contemporary creative writing in the context of questions of theory, craft and genre. This course will examine formal, ethical, and cultural frames for creative work, and engage students in the workshopped production of original creative writing, with a focus on innovation, interpretation, and aesthetic contextualisation.
139.386 Life Writing15 credits
A specialised study of the creative non-fiction sub-genre of Life Writing focusing on changing ideas about subjectivity. Students will produce original examples of self-life writing and biography which will be workshopped by peers.
139.703 Critical and Creative Research30 credits
An introduction to practices of research with creative texts. Students will learn practical techniques for planning and producing research in critical and/or creative modes. Fostering a critical voice and debating the cultural and social value of aesthetic communication will be integral to the course.
139.710 Rhetoric, Composition and the Teaching of Writing30 credits
An advanced introduction to rhetoric and composition as a framework for writing research and writing instruction.
139.724 Literary Revolutions: Romantic and Victorian Literature30 credits
A study of literary culture in Britain and the Pacific during the Romantic and Victorian periods. This course explores relationships between poetry, novels, travel writing and political treatises in the period, focusing on the distinctive nature of literary engagements with contemporary social and political upheavals.
139.728 Early Modern Drama: Form and Performance30 credits
An advanced study of the drama of Early Modern England and the significant social, artistic, political and religious forces that shaped it. The course will examine plays by Shakespeare and his contemporaries, investigating their material and cultural contexts using critical approaches that highlight questions of dramatic production and reception.
139.749 Writing Science30 credits
An in-depth exploration of the practical skills needed to write for disciplinary academic and/or public audiences. Particular emphasis will be placed on the rhetorical context of science, audience analysis, literacy expertise, reading science, and narrative use of data and analogies when writing in a public or professional context. Students may focus their assignments on writing for disciplinary and/or public audiences.
139.750 Contemporary New Zealand Writers in an International Context30 credits
An advanced exploration of contemporary New Zealand fiction and poetry and its relationship to international aesthetic practices, in the context of globalisation and postcoloniality.
139.758 Postcolonial Theory and Writing30 credits
An advanced introduction to theories of postcolonial ethics and identity, and their relationship to selected works of literature from a range of postcolonial contexts.
139.763 Community Theatre30 credits
What role does theatre have in the community? Is there a valid place for community theatre in a secular society? If so, what stories need to be told through theatre? How might we tell them? The exploration of these questions will involve, initially, the examination of a range of historical and contemporary models of community theatre. Students will then engage in exploratory workshops, in community research, writing, rehearsals and theatrical performance.
139.764 Theatre for Innovation and Communication30 credits
An advanced, practical exploration of theatrical improvisation techniques in relation to enhancing creativity, innovation, leadership, teamwork, and communication performance, with an emphasis on the application of theatrical techniques to communication and innovation challenges.
139.765 New Directions in Creative Writing30 credits
An advanced study and practice of creative writing in its myriad contemporary forms.
139.799 Research Report (30)30 credits
139.800 MPhil Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.801 MPhil Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work
139.802 MPhil Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.816 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.817 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.850 Thesis120 credits
The supervised undertaking of an original piece of research into expressive arts.
139.851 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
The supervised undertaking of an original piece of research into expressive arts.
139.852 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
The supervised undertaking of an original piece of research into expressive arts.
139.855 Master of Communication Research Project60 credits
An applied research project involving the critical evaluation and application of selected research methodologies to address communication-related challenges.
139.860 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.861 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.862 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.873 Research Report English (60)60 credits
139.881 Thesis 90 Credit Part 145 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.882 Thesis 90 Credit Part 245 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.883 Thesis90 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.899 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
139.900 PhD English120 credits
139.901 PhD Creative Writing120 credits

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