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125.111 Managing your Personal Finances15 credits
This course introduces students to key concepts of financial capability, helping individuals to understand how best to manage and protect their financial resources during various life stages and their rights in relation to this.
125.211 The Financial Planning Process15 credits
This course is the introductory course for the Graduate Diploma in Business Studies endorsements in Personal Financial Planning and Personal Risk Management. The course examines cash management, personal risk management, investments and estate planning and introduces students to important finance concepts.
125.220 Financial Institutions and Markets15 credits
An overview of the operation of institutions, products and markets which make up the financial system and discusses the role of governments, both domestically and internationally, in the management of our financial system.
125.230 Business Finance15 credits
The course provides students with a fundamental knowledge of financial theory and practice. In addition to valuation and capital budgeting, students will study working capital management, capital structure, the cost of capital, dividend policy and ethics in finance.
125.240 Fundamentals of Investment15 credits
This course introduces the quantitative techniques that apply to investment valuation and management. Topics included are the valuing of equity and fixed interest securities, the trade-off between risk and return and an introduction to portfolio management from the financial planning perspective.
125.241 Introduction to Investments15 credits
A study of fundamental theories and practice of financial investments. Topics may include an introduction to investment products, investment return and risk, valuation methods for equities and fixed interest securities, the use of derivative securities in portfolios, and the basics of portfolio management and performance evaluation.
125.250 Financial Modelling15 credits
An examination of the principles of sound financial decision-making with the use of spreadsheets for analysis. Students will use various applications to perform quantitative analysis, assessing risk and return, and asset valuations.
125.310 Financial Advice Implementation15 credits
This course deals with the implementation of the financial planning process; a business plan and financial plan are required. The course also covers topics relevant to successful practice management.
125.312 Applied Personal Financial Management15 credits
An examination of the issues and potential solutions pertaining to individual personal financial management decisions.
125.320 International Finance15 credits
This course provides an overview of the theories and institutional environment of international finance. Students will gain insight into exchange rate determinations and instruments available for managing financial risk in a globalised economy.
125.330 Advanced Business Finance15 credits
This capstone course is a study of finance theory in practice, designed to facilitate effective corporate financial decision making.
125.340 Investment Analysis15 credits
The application of analytical techniques to investment decision-making.
125.342 Investment Planning15 credits
The application of investment valuation techniques and the evaluation of portfolio construction, encompassing fixed income and equities from the perspective of a financial planner.
125.350 Financial Risk Management15 credits
This course provides an overview of the theory and practice of financial risk management or hedging. Financial risk exposures can be categorised into three areas: interest rate risk, foreign exchange risk and commodity price risk. The focus will be on the methods of identifying and measuring the impact of these exposures and the appropriate instruments to hedge the firm's exposures.
125.351 Personal Risk Management15 credits
This course provides a risk management perspective of the risks faced by individuals, providing an overview of the process of identifying and evaluating personal risk exposures, and the methods of mitigating their potential impact. Topics covered include the exposures resulting from premature death, disability, medical and superannuation. The course also provides an introduction to insurance law and regulations.
125.356 Business Insurance15 credits
This course introduces the use of insurance within a business context, using a risk management perspective to look at the major risk exposures and the techniques that can be used to mitigate them. The course also looks at accounting, financial management, and the other skills required to assess the risk of a client. The emphasis is on the applied aspects of the material.
125.357 Advanced Issues in Insurance15 credits
This course deals with advanced technical aspects of insurance, including a solid grounding in the theory that underlies the processes of ratemaking. It also examines contemporary issues in insurance law and dispute resolution. Strategic issues in the industry, including likely future structural changes, will be analysed.
125.364 Bank Financial Management15 credits
An application of finance and economic theory to the financial management and operation of banks in New Zealand and internationally, from a risk and regulation perspective. Attention is also given to the fragility of modern banking and its impact on systemic risk.

Banking Management

125.365 Retail Banking15 credits
A critical analysis of the main elements required for a successful retail banking operation.


125.700 Managerial Finance30 credits
A study of the theory of finance with an emphasis on managerial decision making.
125.701 Quantitative Methods for Accounting and Finance15 credits
A study of statistical and econometric techniques allowing students to carry out appropriate empirical research in the areas of accounting and finance.
125.702 Financial Management15 credits
An introduction into the theory and practice of financial management decision making. Students develop and apply financial management techniques to solve business problems.
125.732 Advanced Corporate Finance30 credits
Advanced Corporate Finance is a course with a quantitative base. It builds a theoretical foundation from which students can consider finance issues. Consideration of corporate financial management, capital markets and long-term financial strategy is undertaken with the objective of making corporate decisions more efficiently.
125.740 Advanced Investment Analysis30 credits
This course provides a comprehensive coverage of advanced theory and practice regarding investments and portfolio management.
125.780 Advanced International Finance30 credits
This course covers advanced topics in international finance, including an understanding of the institutions and evolution of the international financial structure, the foreign exchange market and derivatives. The additional complications of applying financial theory to multinational corporations, international funding, international investing, and capital budgeting are examined.
125.781 Advanced Financial Risk Management30 credits
This course considers the roles of financial risk management in reducing risk and/or increasing returns in an organisation. Students will be exposed to advanced financial risk management from both theoretical and empirical perspectives.
125.785 Research Methods in Economics and Finance30 credits
This course provides a broad econometric and practical foundation from which students can understand and perform quality empirical research in economic and financial contexts.
125.788 Big Data in Finance and Banking30 credits
A study of big data application in finance and banking through a combination of theory and practice.
125.791 Research Report Part 115 credits
125.792 Research Report Part 215 credits
125.799 Research Report30 credits
125.803 Corporate Finance15 credits
A study of the financial management theory and practice surrounding key decisions within a corporate setting. Students examine how financial decisions impact on firm value.
125.804 Financial Asset Management15 credits
A study of the theory and practice of financial asset management from the valuation of financial assets to the construction of financial asset portfolios through optimization processes.
125.805 International Finance15 credits
A study of financial management from the international perspective with emphasis on the evolution of the current international financial structure, foreign exchange markets, and international funding and investment.
125.806 Financial Risk Management15 credits
A study of the theory, practice and recent developments in financial risk management from the perspective of the firm and the domestic and global financial systems.
125.850 Research Report Part 130 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
125.851 Research Report Part 230 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
125.892 Research Report60 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
125.895 Professional Practice60 credits
Candidates will undertake professional practice within the subject area in which the Master of Management is being completed. Professional Practice may be conducted either individually or in groups and assessment of the outcome of the investigation may be in a variety of ways including written and oral presentations and case studies.
125.897 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
125.898 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
125.899 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
125.900 PhD Finance120 credits

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