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Human Resource Management

114.240 Organisational Behaviour15 credits
A theoretical and practical examination of the behaviour of people in the work environment. Students develop a basic understanding of individual behaviour and team dynamics, exploring issues of motivation, communication, leadership, decision making, power and organisational change.
114.241 Principles of Human Resources Management15 credits
An introduction to human resources management (HRM) theories and practices in national and international contexts.
114.254 Employment Relations15 credits
An exploration of the theoretical frameworks used to analyse employment relations, including institutional processes and practices crucial to the workings of contemporary employment relations in New Zealand.
114.330 Equity and Diversity in the Workplace15 credits
A study of the historical, legal and social issues of diversity and equality in the workplace in Aotearoa/New Zealand and overseas.
114.331 Contemporary HRM and Employment Relations15 credits
An exploration of contemporary Human Resource Management (HRM) and Employment Relations (ER) systems and issues in an international and comparative context. Particular emphasis is placed on the institutions, the role of the parties, and the influence of multinational companies and global supply chains.
114.332 Decent Work15 credits
An exploration of the principles, practices and issues surrounding decent work in contemporary work organisations.
114.396 Strategic Human Resource Management15 credits
An exploration of human resources management as a strategy to achieve organisational goals. Particular emphasis is given to organisations' responses to trends in both their internal and external environments.
114.702 Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations30 credits
This course introduces the area of Human Resource Management and Workplace Relations. Specifically, the focus of the course is on the principles and practices associated with organisational behaviour, employment relations, human resources management and development.
114.709 Managing the Employment Relationship30 credits
A general understanding of Employment Relations and Human Resource Management with an emphasis on contemporary theory and practice. This course provides the opportunity for critical reflection and analysis of theories and practices relating to managing the employment relationship in any organisation.
114.710 Organisational Learning30 credits
An in-depth investigation of issues confronting teams and organisations seeking improvement through generative learning. Special emphasis is placed on leadership and vision, mental models, systems thinking and defensive routines. Tools, techniques and cases of organisational learning will be considered.
114.722 Advanced Organisational Behaviour30 credits
This course is an examination of applied psychology and sociology in the context of organisations. The content is based on a foundation of theory which students are expected to critically analyse. The course is designed so that students apply the theory to modern organisational situations.
114.723 Performance Management30 credits
This course critically analyses the role of Performance Management in individual, team and organisational performance by examining its theoretical and practical underpinnings. Implications for training, reward and disciplinary systems are also explored.
114.728 Valuing Human Resource Talent in Business Enterprises30 credits
An examination of human resource management focusing on the value of talent in business enterprises. This will include contemporary approaches and issues involved in the management and measurement of knowledge-based assets for assisting stakeholders and decision-makers.
114.735 Competitive Advantage and HRM Strategy30 credits
An examination of how strategic human resource management theory and practice contributes to sustained competitive advantage in business enterprises. Particular reference is made to the environmental factors that influence talent management in New Zealand and globally.
114.761 International Human Resource Management30 credits
An examination of the management of employees from an international perspective, including comparative HRM, the practice of HRM in multinational firm, and developments in the emerging field of Strategic International Human Resource Management (SIHRM).
114.762 Career Management in an International Context30 credits
An examination of the theory and management of careers with an emphasis on new forms of careers and the management of careers both within and across global boundaries.
114.799 Research Report30 credits
Students are required to conduct a piece of independent research.
114.893 Thesis90 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
114.894 Research Report60 credits
Candidates are required to conduct a piece of independent research under supervision and to produce a report of the research for examination.
114.895 Professional Practice60 credits
Candidates will undertake professional practice within the subject area in which the Master of Management is being completed. Professional Practice may be conducted either individually or in groups and assessment of the outcome of the investigation may be in a variety of ways including written and oral presentations and case studies.
114.897 Thesis 120 Credit Part 160 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
114.898 Thesis 120 Credit Part 260 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
114.899 Thesis120 credits
A supervised and guided independent study resulting in a published work.
114.900 PhD Human Resource Management120 credits

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